Numerology Readings

At Salem's Psychic Center, Salem Massachusetts

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Numerology is the science of numbers. It had its origin in symbols used to express ideas of primitive man. Long before alphabets were invented to correspond to their respective numbers, ancient scholars studied the science of numbers for guidance in daily living.

We are born on a certain date, hour, and minute which determines to a great extent the particular actions and reactions that will characterize our entire lives.

With Diana's knowledge as a numerologist, she can enable you to understand yourself and other people better.

Knowing your numbers can also help you predict the changing energies so you can set a successful course of action.

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Psychic readings can take many forms. A talented psychic like Diana can use dozens of methods in the psychic reading process. Diana can employ the methods of astrology, palm reading, card reading, tarot card reading,meditation, aura reading, candle reading, psychometry, numerology, dream interpretation, I-Ching pendulum, and many other psychic reading methods. Please feel free to call the Salem Psychic Center to schedule a psychic phone reading, or stop in to the Salem Psychic Center, on Pickering Wharf, in Salem Massachusetts. Licensed by the Salem Police Department.