Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

At Salem's Psychic Center, Salem Massachusetts

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Writing is a physical process. The brain sends an order through the hands and fingers where they manipulate the pen. As you write, you are consciously and subconciously attempting to communicate a message. Beyond the conscious information contained in the written words, the handwriting also divulges information about you and how you felt unconciously as you wrote.

An American statistician determined that the possibility of two handwritings to be identical is one chance in 68 trillion. It is important to realize that your handwriting changes with life's experiences. Everyone writes at least five different ways, according to what's going on with them at the time of the writing.

Sometimes just changing a simple line or a stroke can make a difference in how you feel about yourself, improving self confidence and letting go of stress

It takes 27 days to change a handwriting habit.


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