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Diana is an internationally known psychic, whose work as a teacher and reader has established her firmly as an expert in many paranormal fields. She has worked with police in investigations ranging from murder to missing children. A frequent guest on WBZ-TV's "People are Talking," "The Good Day Show," and"Chronicle," Diana has also appeared on other network shows and cable TV. Her lectures are a hit at colleges such as Boston university, Tufts University, and various organizations throughout the country.

Her clients are located in all parts of the United States and Canada. She excels in providing telephone readings, employing psychometry, and tone vibrations. Past-life regression is another useful tool Diana employs, and one which frequently produces immediate and dramatic insights.

Generously donating her time doing spiritual counseling for the terminally ill at hospitals such as Newton-Wellesley, she also lectures for the staff at these institutions. Although highly skilled from intense study and practice, Diana firmly believes that each of us has psychic gifts which go unused and unnoticed. Dedicated to helping others use this ability, she teaches psychic development, where she stresses the importance of meditation as the initial step to self-discovery.

Since meditation teaches us to develop and use the right hemisphere of the brain, it is the door which leads to individual creativity and spiritual enlightenment. She says, "Once this basic tool is mastered, the possibilities are limitless." Through her classes, lectures, and readings, she has delivered her message to countless grateful people, who currently employ her techniques to better their daily lives.

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Psychic readings can take many forms. A talented psychic like Diana can use dozens of methods in the psychic reading process. Diana can employ the methods of astrology, card reading, tarot card reading,meditation, aura reading, candle reading, psychometry, numerology, dream interpretation, I-Ching pendulum, and many other psychic reading methods. Please feel free to call the Salem Psychic Center to schedule a psychic phone reading, or stop in to the Salem Psychic Center, on Pickering Wharf, in Salem Massachusetts. Licensed by the Salem Police Department.